3 Questions You Must Ask Before Finalizing Moving Services In Hicksville, NY

Choosing the right moving company to comply with and outsourcing tiresome and hectic relocation activities during moving day is a demanding task. With so many companies offering moving services in Hicksville, NY, it is harder to assign the moving day duties to the rightful movers.

There’re many movers in Hicksville, NY known for their quick & safe office relocation, house relocation, and warehouse relocation services. However, before giving a nod of confirmation, one should go through the moving company’s track record & its customer satisfaction ratings.

Checking the profile & customer feedback of the moving company before moving day can make a massive difference in the overall moving out experience.

Customer feedback about moving services is an invaluable insight into the proficiency of the house movers offering moving services. In Nassau County, many local movers claim themselves as the most reliable moving and packing service providers.

In this view of movers, it’s wise to ask three frequently asked questions (FAQs) before finalizing a moving services company that best fits your requirements in Nassau County. Getting satisfactory answers for the below-mentioned FAQs ensures you get legitimate moving services in this cut-throat movers industry.

3 FAQs You Should Ask Before Confirming Moving Services In Hicksville, NY!

Before jumping on questions, you should know these questions are framed by keeping FMCSA Protect Your Move Campaign guidelines, which aim to combat interstate household goods moving fraud by educating consumers on how to plan a successful moving day.

The important FAQs you should ask movers before choosing their moving services in Hicksville, NY are as follows:

1) Is Your Moving Company Registered & Licensed?

In Nassau County, the authentic inter-state moving company has a license and registration issued by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT). If you’re planning out an interstate office relocation or residential relocation, then your moving services company must have a license number under USDOT.

With Streamline Moving Inc., you don’t need to worry about registration and license. As responsible movers in Hicksville, NY, we follow all the rules and regulations.


2)  Do You Provide Binding & Non-Binding Estimates Before Moving Day?

For any moving and packing company, quoting binding & non-binding estimates is beneficial. For the unversed, binding estimates are the fixed moving services charges of movers near me in Hicksville, NY. The final cost is the fixed cost one has to pay, irrespective of the moving services charges falling under or going over the total cost.

Similarly, non-binding estimates are the cost estimates from a house movers moving company without a fixed-guarantee price. Non-binding cost depends on the spot after moving day hustle & tussle depending on the services provided.

At Streamline Moving Inc., we calculate binding & non-binding costs according to the mover’s tariff. Unlike other movers near me who charge any amount as per their convenience, we go with the guidelines of FMCSA on estimate charging.


3) Do You Provide Damage Insurance With Your Moving Services?

In the United States, reputed movers generally offer three types of insurance if the items are damaged or lost during loading or offloading on a moving day. The three types of insurance provided by movers near me in the state for moving services are:

  1. a) Limited Liability Insurance: This is the minimum coverage amount fixed by the law (FMCSA) and comes without any added charge. For an interstate house & office relocation, the movers are liable for 60 cents per pound of each item under limited liability.
  1. b) Added Value Insurance: Added valuation insurance is for people having expensive items to relocate. The amount paid for this coverage depends on how much goods are worth.
  1. c) Full Value Insurance: With Full Value Coverage, the moving company is liable for the replacement value of the lost or damaged goods in the entire moving day shipment.

At Streamline Moving Inc., moving helpers keep utmost precaution while moving and packing the items & loading and offloading items in the truck during office relocation or warehouse relocation, be it short or long distance moving out.

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We offer various options to our customers, such as local moves, long-distance moves, national moves, etc. To avail of our moving services in Hicksville, NY, give us a call on 631-804-1794 & we will be there to make your moving day experience memorable.

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